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I’m so excited to be offering my new 12 days of jewelry advent box! It’s such a great gift idea for someone that you love or a pick me up present just for yourself during the holiday season.


It’s also a great idea if you’ve got a lot of people to shop for at work and you want to pull out custom boxes to give to people at an average cost of $15 per item, which is half the price of what my earrings typically cost! If you want to use them to give away as presents, then just let me know and I’ll leave off the numbers 👍 but I think it’s even more fun to give the entire box to someone that you care about to let them get excited about opening a new present for the 12 days to countdown to Christmas 🎄


There will be a limited number of boxes available based on the stock and supply of jewelry that I am able to make this holiday season so if you’re interested, PLACE A PRE-ORDER TODAY!


It truly does ship directly to your house in a beautiful green bag, and it will come fully wrapped with fairy lights, how fun 🤩🎄


Each piece in the box is hand made and one of a kind. 


All items are handmade Utica, New York. Each pair of earrings is unique and will have slight variations and potential imperfections. Clay earrings are made start to finish from a block of clay. Each piece is unique. Each item is carefully rolled out, cut, baked, sanded and assembled by hand from polymer clay. 


Polymer clay is durable and light weight, but you do need to be carefull with it. They can be scratched so be sure to keep them in a safe dry place and avoid wearing them in water. Be careful not to bend your earrings but generally they are durable.

12 Days of Handmade Jewlery

$150.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price


  • Returns & exchanges are not accepted due to quality control, however if you ever have an issue with your earrings please reach out to me via email at

  • In order to keep the average cost per item in a range that covers costs, I have decided not to allow coupons for this item. 

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