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The Story of Be Still Designs
Polymer Clay Earrings

Alex Nicolette

 Psalm 46:10, ESV: “Be still, and know that I am God..."

Do you ever have a hard time just "being still"? I certainly do, and with the stress of running my own practice as a dietitian and it all I needed a way to sit and not think too much. I wanted a hobby that could help me do something away from a computer screen that was creative.


During the COVID pandemic I found myself wearing more statement piece earrings because they easily show up on a zoom call and make you look put together. So whenever I saw a pair of polymer clay earrings at a local boutique I had to buy a pair! My favorite part of getting ready in the morning is picking out a cute pair of earrings.

As a health provider working with people who struggle with eating disorders, I see how much they struggle with body image. I realize that taking pride in your style is a way to show the world that you are happy with your individual look and proud to dress it up! I think embracing your personal style preferences and wearing statement pieces is a way to grow in the area of body image.


My hope is to keep creating beautiful handmade polymer clay earring pieces that give people a chance to be unique in their style and wear something nobody else in the world has. 

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